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SOHO: Canon Pixma G4770 Printer (SOHO Printer) Canon Pixma G4770: Some points may be omitted.

Canon’s Pixma G4770 comes with four popular rechargeable batteries that work well for homes and small offices. It’s well-built and really presents itself as a great companion (against its flagship competitor).

Download all Canon Pixma G4770 driver

G4770 MP Driver Ver.1.02 (Windows) – file

To prove it, the printer comes with an economy mode that can print up to 7,600 pages and 8,100 pages in colour, and has unlimited photo printing up to A4 paper (not just 4R).

In terms of features, it easily pulls off most of the expected features, which is against its previous rivals.

It has an LCD, albeit smaller, maybe 1.35 inches, which is an improvement over older and more expensive models. Unfortunately, this is not a screenshot, so you have to click the “OK” button to accept the command and use the arrow keys to navigate. Also, the panel where the LCD is located cannot be adjusted for better viewing. First world questions, I know. Nitpicking aside, the printer’s functionality and usability is clear and simple, and betters Epson’s L3550.

Fortunately, this Canon printer for SOHO comparison unit has an automatic document feeder (ADF). This is important for the smooth running of the AIO printer as it will work without scanning/many pages. It can handle up to 35 pages, which is more than enough for most users.

Canon Pixma G4770 (print, Scan, Copy, Fax, Adf, Wifi) Refillable Ink Tank Printer Using Ink Gi 71

One area that lets the Pixma G4770 down is the lack of a paper cassette, which guides the paper feed to the rear paper. As we said earlier (on the previous page), this reduces the amount of paper that can hold 100 pages. This may be sufficient for the home, but for small businesses with heavy workloads, it may not be. will be sufficient.

Now when it comes to print quality results, we prefer the printed version by install Canon Pixma G4770 Driver. I found it to be crisp, sharp and clean with no dirt. Printed text wasn’t as fuzzy as on the Epson L3550, and serifs were clear and sharp. Additionally, the text seemed darker than the Epson, which is interesting. Our only complaint was that our test image was blurry in places. This made it difficult to create a good interpretation and reduced the quality of the score.

As an ink-based printer, the Canon Pixma G4770 Driver is good value for money (though not as good as the Epson L3550). Replacement cartridges with capacities of 6,000 pages and 7,700 pages are priced at S$15.90 for black and S$14.90 for colour. In our price test, it came in at S$4.23 for 1,000 pages, slightly higher than Epson’s $3.19.

Canon Pixma G4770 Driver

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