Canon MAXIFY GX7020 Driver Setup

Canon MAXIFY GX7020 Driver

Introducing the Canon MAXIFY GX7020 and driver setup, a multifunctional marvel renowned as the GX7050 in the UK and GX7060 in Australia. Positioned at the zenith of Canon’s innovative range of refillable MegaTank models, this four-in-one gem aspires to redefine excellence in the small business printer realm.

Elevating its status beyond conventional inkjets, the MAXIFY GX7020 emerges as a formidable contender against premier laser printers. Flaunting capacious ink tanks and accommodating over a ream of paper, this printer effortlessly manages a robust monthly duty cycle of up to 45,000 pages. Canon’s bottled ink not only outshines the most economical laser printers in cost per page but also promises an unparalleled printing experience.

With a nimble top speed of 25 images per minute (ipm), it may not match the velocity of a laser, but its flexibility shines through. This Canon MAXIFY GX7020 driver detup excels in producing high-resolution photos on glossy paper, a feat that its laser counterparts find challenging. Its compact design, catering to the needs of home-based professionals, also adds an aesthetic appeal suitable for any office setting.

While the initial price tag of around $900 (approximately £600, AU$1,218) might seem steep for an inkjet, the inclusion of six bottles of ink alters the equation. This bundle covers a staggering 18,000 mono and 14,000 color pages, with replacement ink bottles available at a reasonable cost. Savvy consumers can anticipate an 85% reduction in expenses compared to traditional cartridge printers. Premium features such as a user-friendly touchscreen interface and an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) capable of duplex scanning and printing further accentuate its value proposition.

Embarking on a significant upgrade from its predecessor, the Canon MAXIFY GX6050, this model emerges as a formidable adversary to the Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850. Now, let’s delve into its performance on our comprehensive test bench.

Canon MAXIFY GX7020 – Design and Construction & Driver

Canon MAXIFY GX7020 Driver Setup. Behold the visually captivating Canon MAXIFY GX7020, adorned with rounded edges and exuding a robust aura that instills confidence. Despite its remarkable paper and ink capacity, this printer surprises with its compact form factor. A space-saving marvel, it seamlessly integrates into any office space. In contrast, laser printers with bulky toner cartridges carry much more weight, and the closest inkjet competitor, the Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850, slightly outweighs it in every dimension.

Equipped with two paper trays accommodating up to 250 A4 sheets each, along with a rear tray holding an additional 100 sheets, this printer is a storage powerhouse. The ADF handles an extra 50 sheets, while the generous ink reservoirs boast a total capacity of 580ml, sufficient for 20,000 pages before a refill is necessary.

The front of the printer features four transparent windows revealing the ink levels in each tank, while two more windows allow easy monitoring of paper levels. The control panel, with a 6.9cm diameter touchscreen display, tilts for convenient viewing. Rear connections for Ethernet and USB cables, complemented by a front USB Type-A port for flash drive printing, add to its versatility. When all flaps and drawers are neatly tucked away, the Canon MAXIFY GX7020 stands as a tidy and compact printing powerhouse.

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